Powered Door

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Powered Door


Blocks Vision

When Powered

Blocks Movement

When Powered

Conducts Electricity






Powered door is a door that remains closed when receiving electricity and opens when it is not receiving power. Powered doors can be forced open with the crowbar and held open with the Doorstop. After using either item on a powered door, the door will no longer be able to close. If a powered door gains power at a time that the player is standing on it the door will close when the player moves away.

Does not conduct electricity to other components, and cannot be daisy chained: small

From Event To Notes
DoorOpenpico.png Start DoorOpenpico.png
DoorOpenpico.png Poweredico.png DoorClosedpico.png Vision & Movement blocking
DoorClosedpico.png DoorOpenpico.png
DoorClosedpico.png Crowbarico.png DoorOpenpico.png Broken, different state to open
DoorOpenpico.png Doorstopico.png DoorStoppedpico.png