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Blocks Vision


Blocks Movement


Conducts Electricity






The pit bull is a vicious dog that will try to attack and kill a robber[1]. Pit bulls also trigger Pressure Plates when they walk over them.

Order of Movement[edit | edit source]

The pit bull will always move towards the player if there was once line of sight between the dog and current player, otherwise they remain stationary. The sequence of actions that relate to dog movement appears to be:

  • The player moves.
  • Pet movement occurs.
  • House objects and electronics update
  • Vision is recalculated

This means that a dog that is trapped behind a Powered Door will not start moving on the same turn that the door is opened.

Contention[edit | edit source]

Two pets may never share a tile, even if one of them is dead. If two dogs attempt to enter the same tile, the order of precedence is up > right > left > down, i.e. a dog that is trying to move up will enter the tile instead of any other dog; a dog that is trying to move down into the tile from the tile above will give way to any other dog; dogs moving left give way to those moving to the right.

Contention Example.png

In this example the player can safely move left, despite it seeming to be a dangerous move. This is because the chihuahua at the player's feet moves left before the pitbull can move down, thus blocking the pitbull from moving (down) and killing the player.

Direction of movement[edit | edit source]


If there is only one tile that is closer to the player than all of its other choices and current position, it will move into that tile.
If none of the movements it can make will get it any closer to the player, it will stay in its current position. The behavior when there are two tiles which bring it equally close to the player are as follows:

  • Imagine four quadrants extending out diagonally from the player. Dogs in the bottom section will be shown facing upwards and will move upwards towards the player, likewise for the other 3 directions (dogs in the right-hand quadrant move left, etc.).
  • Just because a dog is drawn upwards before a player's move, though, doesn't guarantee that it will move upwards after player movement is taken into account.
  • If the dog ends up on the diagonal after the player moves, it will prefer horizontal movement to vertical.

States[edit | edit source]

From Event To Notes
Pitbullico.pngPitbullDruggedico.png Start Pitbullico.png Deadly, Pet movement blocking
Pitbullico.png DruggedMeatico.png PitbullDruggedico.png Deadly, Pet movement blocking
Pitbullico.png Clubico.pngCrowbarico.png PitbullClubbedico.png Pet movement blocking
Pitbullico.pngPitbullDruggedico.png Gunico.png PitbullShotico.png Pet movement blocking
Pitbullico.pngPitbullDruggedico.png FloorHotico.png PitbullFriedico.png Pet movement blocking
Pitbullico.pngPitbullDruggedico.png Pitico.png Trapdoor openico.png PitbullFallenInico.png Pet movement blocking
Pitbullico.pngPitbullDruggedico.png Robberico.png PitbullAttackingico.png Deadly, Pet movement blocking

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If a tile is passable but deadly, the dog will move onto the tile and die.
  • If a robber (Including the owner during a self test) steps onto a sleeping dog, the dog will wake up and instantly kill the robber.
  • A pit bull will not move into a square adjacent (up, down left or right) to a dead pet, even if the pet is in a closed trap door, unless the robber is on that tile.

  1. Including the home owner during a self-test!