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Blocks Vision


Blocks Movement


Conducts Electricity






A chihuahua is one of the mobile objects in the game, specifically a pet. Just like the other mobiles, a chihuahua reacts to the actions of the intruder. A chihuahua acts exactly like a pit bull, in that once the chihuahua is within the line of sight of the intruder, it will begin to pursue the intruder.

For more details on movement, see the pit bull article, which explains movement in more depth.

Just like any other pet, the chihuahua can trigger switches and can also die in a trap, such as a pit or an electric floor. However, the chihuahua is non-fatal and will not harm an intruder (including the player when the house is being "fairness tested").

Note that in terms of movement, a chihuahua is the opposite of a cat, which is also harmless but the cat moves away from the intruder.

From Event To Notes
Chihuahuaico.pngChihuahuaDruggedico.png Start Chihuahuaico.png Pet movement blocking
Chihuahuaico.png DruggedMeatico.png ChihuahuaDruggedico.png Pet movement blocking
Chihuahuaico.png Clubico.pngCrowbarico.png ChihuahuaClubbedico.png Pet movement blocking
Chihuahuaico.pngChihuahuaDruggedico.png Gunico.png ChihuahuaShotico.png Pet movement blocking
Chihuahuaico.pngChihuahuaDruggedico.png Brickico.png ChihuahuaClubbedico.png Pet movement blocking
Chihuahuaico.pngChihuahuaDruggedico.png FloorHotico.png ChihuahuaFriedico.png Pet movement blocking
Chihuahuaico.pngChihuahuaDruggedico.png Pitico.png Trapdoor openico.png ChihuahuaFallenInico.png Pet movement blocking

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • During fairness testing of the players house, it is far safer to use chihuahuas instead of pit bulls, as they use the same movement, but the chihuahua is non-fatal.
  • Chihuahuas are a cheaper alternative to a pit bull for activating Pressure Plates
  • A chihuahua following you may be able to prevent pit bulls moving onto your tile and killing you. (See Contention)